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The Patient Education initiative seeks to create a more informed discussion between patient and provider about genetic counseling through developing, an informational resource equipped with knowledgeable material including in-depth drug overviews, explanatory videos, and frequently asked questions about genetic counseling, which can be used to improve critical health decisions.


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An upcoming scheduled maintenance window is starting Tuesday, September 5th and ending Wednesday, September 6th. During this time, the RD Discover, SD Discover, Subject Locator and Record Counter applications...


The NIH/NHGRI has published IGNITE II RFAs which are linked below for your convenience.

  • Implementing Genomics in Practice (IGNITE) II: Pragmatic Clinical Trials – Clinical Groups...


CMS announced last week it will award up to $30 million in grant funding to clinical specialty societies, clinical professional organizations and independent research organizations to develop quality measures...


eMERGE is excited to share the results of the national multi-site survey it conducted to investigate public attitudes towards consent and data sharing in biobank research recently publish in AJHG.  For...