The eMERGE Network conducts projects to further our aims of developing methods and best practices for utilization of the electronic medical record (EMR) as a tool for genomic research. In addition to our workgroups the below projects span both discovery and implementation of genomics research. Click on a project to learn more about the ongoing efforts across the Network.


  • eMERGE data sets, counts, and pharmocogenomics


  • Cohort discovery using the electronic health records, phenotypes over eMERGE

Ethical considerations & privacy

  • Consent, privacy, ethical, legal, and social implications


  • Phase III custom sequencing panel, CLIA certified for returnable results

EHR Integration

  • Methods and processes surrounding integration of results into patient’s electronic health records

Patient and provider information & outcomes

  • Surveys, patient education, recruitment, outcomes assessment in genomic medicine research


In the News

Here's what's happening with eMerge:


The NHGRI will hold a pre-application interactive Q&A webinar for the eMERGE Genomic Risk Assessment and Management Network funding opportunities on Thursday, June 13th at 1:00 pm-2:00 pm EST....


The CC is pleased to announce that the eMERGEseq Freeze 1 Dataset submission to dbGaP is now available and can be accessed online. The study has been added to our dbGaP study page. Study...


eMERGE Network is excited to share that Taryn Hall's project, Unfolding of hidden white blood cell count phenotypes for gene discovery using latent class mixed modeling; was published in Genes...


eMERGE Network is excited to share that Dr. Douglas Pet's project, Physicians Raise Concerns on Receiving Unsolicited Genomic Results; was published in Genetics in Medicine. The publication...