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eMERGE Phase I
Founded in September 2007 with five network sites:
* Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute/University of Washington
* Marshfield Clinic
* Mayo Clinic
* Northwestern University
* Vanderbilt University (also coordinating center)Phase I Workgroups:
* Consent and Community Consultation Workgroup – Published model consent language for EMR-linked biorepositories Intended to harmonize the consent process for the collection and storage of human biospecimens and data for future research, particularly those collections that have an EMR component.
* Genomics Workgroup – Created a unified data set of genotyped samples across all sites, and published a “how to” paper that outlined the procedures and lessons learned from combining genotype data across a research network
* Informatics Workgroup – Created and published a library of EMR-based phenotyping algorithms accrued throughout Phase I that is available to investigators outside of the eMERGE Network
In addition to previously established eMERGE sites, the network gained four new sites in 2011, two adult and two pediatric:
* Geisinger Health System
* Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
* Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
* Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital (joint site)
New workgroups were also created based on network aims:
* EHR Integration
* Return of Results
* Consent, Education, Regulation, and Consultation (previously Consent and Community Consultation)
* Phenotyping (previously Informatics)
* Pediatrics
* Genomics (same as Phase I)
The Network gained four sites in 2015
* Columbia University
* Harvard University
* Baylor College of Medicine (CSG)
* Partners/Broad (CSG)Three sites from Phase II became non-member affiliated partners
* Marshfield CLinic/Essentia Rural Health
* Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
* Boston Children’s Hospital
New Workgroups were created based on network aims and goals
* Clinical Variant Annotation
* Outcomes


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