eMERGE is a national network organized and funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) that combines DNA biorepositories with electronic medical record (EMR) systems for large scale, high-throughput genetic research in support of implementing genomic medicine.
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Recent Publications
Zhao J, Feng Q, Wu P, Lupu RA, Wei WQ. Learning from Longitudinal Data in Electronic Health Record and Genetic Data to Improve Cardiovascular Event Prediction. Scientific reports. 2019 Jan 24;9(1):717.
Mukherjee S, Mez J, Trittschuh EH, Saykin AJ, Crane PK, et al. Correction: Genetic data and cognitively defined late-onset Alzheimer's disease subgroups. Molecular psychiatry. 2019 Jan 15;.
Ruderfer DM, Walsh CG, Aguirre MW, Tanigawa Y, Rivas MA. Significant shared heritability underlies suicide attempt and clinically predicted probability of attempting suicide. Molecular psychiatry. 2019 Jan 4;.
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eMERGE Network is excited to share that Taryn Hall's project, Unfolding of hidden white blood cell count phenotypes for gene discovery using latent class mixed modeling; was published in Genes...


eMERGE Network is excited to share that Dr. Douglas Pet's project, Physicians Raise Concerns on Receiving Unsolicited Genomic Results; was published in Genetics in Medicine. The publication...


CDC's new blog post: Precision Medicine in Action: How well does cascade screening for hereditary conditions work in the real world? Posted on May 8, 2018 by