For Researchers

The eMERGE Network studies ways to effectively use Genomic and Medical Record Data for discovery and improved clinical care in adult and pediatric populations. 

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Areas of eMERGE Research

Precise and Portable Phenotyping from EMR Data
Ethical and Regulatory Considerations
Implementing Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Care
Pharmacogenomics Discovery
Genome-Wide and Phenome-Wide Association Studies
Returning Genetic Results in a Clinical Setting
Patient and Physician Education
Genomic Data Sharing and Quality Control
Imputation and Merging Genomic Datasets
EMR Integration and Workflow


The Network is open to all academic, government and private sector scientists interested in joining an open process to facilitate genomic research in biorepositories with electronic medical records and application of genomic results to clinical care.

Benefits of joining the eMERGE Network:
Access to eMERGE data prior to public release (see Network's Data Use Agreement)
Access to Network-developed tools and guidelines, both published and beta versions
Shared expertise in multidisciplinary areas
A rich collaborative environment with Network Sites

Learn more by reading the Network's Criteria for Affiliate Membership.


Tools and Publications

Learn about major software tools developed by the Network and more on the Resources page.

Visit the Publications page to view Network publications and stats.  For a more extensive list of publications, join us at Zotero.